1. Scientific and cultural qualification:

  • Computer: The Lebanese Institution for the Blind was the first Arab Institution to introduce the talking computer software; Moreover, when Braille displays appeared, it was added to the qualification program. In 1988, the blind technicians at the institution managed to arabize the Braille display “the tactile line” that enables the blind to use the computer in Arabic.  It should be noted that L. I. B has received blind people coming from Arab countries who have attended computer courses.
  • iPhone: coping with technological development that helps the blind in their everyday life, L. I. B provides iPhones for all its members.
  • The printed library: L. I. B provides Braille books (prominent characters).
  • The audio library: L. I. B provides audio books which the blind can get anywhere through the application “kitabi”, which contains hundreds of school books, novels, history, philosophy, psychology, etc. kitabi.org.
  • Braille: L. I. B teaches the blind to read and write in Braille manually and electronically.
  • Languages: L. I. B organizes language courses to teach the Blind reading, writing and conversation.
  • Service of blind students:
    L. I. B provides special services for blind students at all academic stages, especially university students, including:
    – Providing audio or Braille books according to their needs.
    – Providing transportation to them between the home and the school or college, according to their studies schedule.
    – Securing laptops for borrowing to excellent students to benefit during lectures, to write down and save parts of the same in the memory of the computer and then print them independently whenever they prefer.


2. Vocational Rehabilitation

L. I. B believes that teaching the blind how to fish is better than giving them a fish, therefore it has worked on the teaching the blind a profession to earn a decent living; blind persons were trained in the following professions:

  • Making chairs of straw.
  • Bamboo industry.
  • Knitting manually: wool and crochet.
    It is worth mentioning here that the handmade production of our institution is an accurate and unique artisan work; we will not be exaggerating if we say that it is one of the best in the market.
  • L. I. B teaches the blind persons music, and it formed a musical band composed of blind musicians.
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