Balance Sheet

2023 Budget

L.L.                             Payments

756,426,000              Consumables. Cost of maintenance for industrial and educational equipment and transport vehicles

4,356,992,000           Eye surgeries and aids for the blind

5,629,686,700           Food aid and medicines

912,084,000              Rent, electricity, telephone, mail, water

2,924,501,000           Transportation expenses: gasoline, car maintenance, and insurance

153,731,065               Stationery and miscellaneous expenses

14,733,420,765         Total

33,482,325                Current surplus

14,766,903,090         Grand total

L.L.                             Receipts

3,974,100                   Surplus rolled over from the previous year

12,533,158,990           Donations and support by Issa Maalouf

0                                Support from the National Employment Agency

2,222,035,000            Proceeds from charity exhibitions

7,735,000                  Membership subscriptions

14,766,903,090          Grand total


Receipts:       14,766,903,090 L.L.

Only: Fourteen billion seven hundred sixty-six million nine hundred three thousand ninety Lebanese pounds only

Payments:       14,733,420,765 L.L.

Only: Fourteen billion seven hundred thirty-three million four hundred twenty thousand seven hundred sixty-five Lebanese pounds only

Surplus:        33,482,325 L.L.

Only: Thirty-three million four hundred eighty-two thousand three hundred twenty-five Lebanese pounds only

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