Here are only some examples of the services L. I. B has rendered the blind: Until 1995 L. I. B provided coverage of medical care and hospitalization and drugs for the blind and his dependents such as wife and minor children. It is worth mentioning that L. I. B has incurred all the expenses of surgery, […]

Projects and Needs

One of the most urgent future projects to enable L. I. B to carry out its projects and goals is establishing of a private headquarter to house all its departments, instead of having each in a separate apartment; a headquarter that includes a playground and a sports hall, a showroom for products and interior sections and […]

Honorary Presidents

Mrs. Aida Armaly, Honorary President for the years 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 Mr. Sami Sidawi, Honorary President for the year 2012 Pr. Joseph Saadeh, Honorary President for the year 2011 Mr. Marwan Bibi, Honorary President for the year 2010 Mr. Bourhan Daydas, Honorary President for the year 2006

Balance Sheet

2023 Budget L.L.                             Payments 756,426,000              Consumables. Cost of maintenance for industrial and educational equipment and transport vehicles 4,356,992,000           Eye surgeries and aids for the blind 5,629,686,700           Food aid […]

Funding sources

Since the very beginning, L. I. B has tried to fund itself through its own activities such as: Holding local exhibitions to market its bamboo and wool products , as well as participating in other exhibitions. Blind persons in L. I. B give private music and computer lessons to sighted people against fees. L. I. B organizes […]


L. I. B crowns its activities that aim at integrating the blind in their community, being keen on making a balance between hard work on the one hand, and sports and entertainment on the other hand, through the following activities: L. I. B includes in its intensive programs a period for intellectual training on the […]


It is a stage dedicated for the blind that lost the sight after childhood; and includes:  Developing a program suited to the needs of the blind and his /her potential.  Guidance, awareness and coordination with parents. Teaching the blind the art of mobility and how to use the white cane; as well as care for him / herself and […]


1. Scientific and cultural qualification: Computer: The Lebanese Institution for the Blind was the first Arab Institution to introduce the talking computer software; Moreover, when Braille displays appeared, it was added to the qualification program. In 1988, the blind technicians at the institution managed to arabize the Braille display “the tactile line” that enables the […]


Develop an individual program for each blind person to provide him / her the required care, qualification or rehabilitation.  Transportations were and still a crucial need for the blind persons namely employees, university students and especially girls. Our main challenge was to provide free transportation.  Residence: the institution insures residence for blind persons of both […]

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