L. I. B crowns its activities that aim at integrating the blind in their community, being keen on making a balance between hard work on the one hand, and sports and entertainment on the other hand, through the following activities: L. I. B includes in its intensive programs a period for intellectual training on the […]


It is a stage dedicated for the blind that lost the sight after childhood; and includes:  Developing a program suited to the needs of the blind and his /her potential.  Guidance, awareness and coordination with parents. Teaching the blind the art of mobility and how to use the white cane; as well as care for him / herself and […]


1. Scientific and cultural qualification: Computer: The Lebanese Institution for the Blind was the first Arab Institution to introduce the talking computer software; Moreover, when Braille displays appeared, it was added to the qualification program. In 1988, the blind technicians at the institution managed to arabize the Braille display “the tactile line” that enables the […]


Develop an individual program for each blind person to provide him / her the required care, qualification or rehabilitation.  Transportations were and still a crucial need for the blind persons namely employees, university students and especially girls. Our main challenge was to provide free transportation.  Residence: the institution insures residence for blind persons of both […]

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