Lebanese Institution for the Blind (L. I. B)


Here are only some examples of the services L. I. B has rendered the blind:

1*  Until 1995 L. I. B provided coverage of medical care and hospitalization and drugs for the blind and his dependents such as wife and minor children. It is worth mentioning that L. I. B has incurred all the expenses of surgery, which led to the return of sight for many blind people of different ages.

2*  Financial incentives  were given to encourage the blind to read, and were given to excellent students as well.

3*  L. I. B distributed food rations, clocks for blinds, white canes, Braille writing and reading tools, Braille typewriters, level indicators and talking calculators.

4*  Manufactured wax, pottery, rope crafts, and knitting machine products

5*  Organized a camp in which blind people from eight Arab countries participated.

6*  The Institution also participated in many exhibitions, and organized its own exhibitions.

7*  L. I. B participated in many conferences specialized in its field. 

8*  In 1998 L. I. B issued its magazine AL-Basseer in print, Braille and on cassette. Al-Basseer offered great work opportunities for blind journalists, intellectuals and economists; as well as its being a promising source of revenue for the Institution.